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Šifra proizvoda: 224622
Jezik izdanja: engleski;talijanski
Godina izdanja: 2006
Broj stranica: 349
Uvez: Meki uvez
Format: 20 cm
ISBN: 978-0-19-929855-6
Država: Velika Britanija
Internet cijena: 109,00 kn

Opis An innovative companion to learning Italian
Carefully selected vocabulary, suited to beginner level
Section on core vocabulary - all the words you absolutely must know at this level, for everyday life and to help you through your exams
30-page Learning and Lifestyle Kit including grammar help, verb tables, information on life and culture, a phrasefinder for use when travelling, and tips on etiquette and interaction in the foreign country
Easy to use, non-traditional dictionary layout with headwords in colour, takes you straight to the word you need
Notes on grammar and usage throughout the text, and thousands of phrases to show how language works in context
The Oxford Beginner's Italian Dictionary is an innovative guide to learning Italian. Designed specifically for English-speaking adult learners who are either learning from scratch or refreshing lost language skills, it offers an easy to use dictionary, extra help with vocabulary, and essential information on living and interacting in the Italian-speaking world.

The dictionary is exceptionally easy to use, because it moves away from the traditional dictionary layout. All main translations are preceded by an equals sign so that they are instantly identifiable, and all parts of the entry are spelt out in full, avoiding confusing jargon and abbreviations. Grammar and usage notes throughout the text warn of possible translation pitfalls, and thousands of example phrases show how the language is used in context.

The 30-page Learning and Lifestyle kit gives key information on both the Italian language, with a list of the words you really need to know, grammar help, and verb tables, and on life in the Italian-speaking world: background information on lifestyle and culture, tips on etiquette and interaction in the language, and a phrasefinder for use when travelling.

The Oxford Beginner's Italian Dictionary is your essential companion to learning Italian.
Readership: Designed to meet the needs of English-speakers beginning or refreshing a foreign language: 16+, Further Education students, and adult learners.


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