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Godina izdanja: 2011
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Format: 20 cm
ISBN: 978-0-19-959023-0
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Opis An essential point of quick-reference for all marketing students, containing over 2,600 clear and authoritative entries, with a strong international focus
Additional in depth coverage of key elements of marketing (e.g. how to prepare an advertising campaign, comparison of advertising and PR)
Increased coverage of internet-related marketing techniques such as web, digital, and social media marketing, and search engine optimization
Covers terms relating to all dimensions of marketing including the following: the planning, execution, pricing, promotion, positioning and distribution of products, services, and ideas
Coverage of the theory, conceptual basis, and history, as well as the practice, of marketing
Includes appendices that provide greater depth on specific advertising and iconic brand case studies (arranged thematically, e.g. automobile industry, food and drink, luxury goods, consumer electronics for the masses, web brands)
Historical timeline of marketing evolution and development, plus a compendium of advertising slogans used over the course of this timescale
Over 100 weblinks included, accessed and kept up to date on a companion website, as well as an appendix devoted to online marketing resources
A Dictionary of Marketing is an accessible and wide-ranging A-Z, providing over 2,600 entries on topics spanning terms for traditional marketing techniques (from strategy, positioning, segmentation, and branding, to all aspects of marketing planning, research, and analysis), as well as leading marketing theories and concepts. Both classic and modern marketing techniques are covered. Entries reflect modern changes in marketing practice, including the use of digital and multi media, the impact of the world wide web on advertising, and the increased influence of social media, search engine optimization, and global marketing.

Also included is a time line of the development of marketing as a discipline and the key events that impacted the development, as well as over 100 relevant web links, accessed and updated via a companion website. In addition, the main appendix provides greater depth on the subject, including advertising and brand case studies with a strong international focus. These are arranged thematically, e.g. automobile industry, food and drink, luxury goods, and focus on iconic brands, marketing campaigns, and slogans of the 20th century that have permeated our collective consciousness, exploring how the ideas defined in the main text of the book have been utilised successfully in practice across the globe. This dictionary is an indispensable resource for students of marketing and related disciplines, as well as a practical guide for professional practitioners.
Readership: Marketing students (at both A-level and degree-level), as well as students of related disciplines (i.e. Business, MBA, Retail), and professional practitioners.


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