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Credit card payment safety

The secrecy of your data is protected and ensured by using the SSL encryption. Web pages for online payment are secured by using the Secret Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit encryption of data. SSL encryption is a procedure of coding data in order to prevent unauthorized access during data transfer.

In this way, a safe transfer of information is enabled, and unauthorized access to data is prevented during communication between the users' computer and the WebPay service and inversely.

The WebPay service and financial institutions (credit card houses) exchange data using the Virtual Private Net (VPN) which is protected from any unauthorized access.

The numbers of credit cards numbers are not stored and are not available to unauthorized persons.


Instalment payments

American Express
Minimal amount:     300,00 kn: 2 instalments
                                   600,00 kn: 2-3 instalments
                                   900,00 kn: 2-4 instalments
                                   1200,00 kn: 2-5 instalments
                                   1500,00 kn: 2-6 instalments

Statement on privacy

The Dominović University and Antiquarian Bookstore is obligated to protect  customers' personal data by gathering only basic data about customers necessary for fulfilment of assumed obligations, inform customers about ways of using the gathered data, regularly give customer the opportunity of controlling usage of their data, including the possibility of deciding whether they want their name to be removed from the lists that are used for marketing campaign or not.

All data about customers are strictly protected and available only to employees.

Secret data security

Customers' personal data are known only to the The Dominović University and Antiquarian Bookstore which has an obligation to use them for the sole purpose of fulfilment of contractual obligations of marketing. At any moment, customers can access their data, change the password or general information.  

Terms of sale

These terms determine the procedure of ordering, payment, delivery and claiming back of products offered on this pages. Web page dominovic.hr can be used for private purposes without any charges and by following terms and conditions.

Vendor is Dominović d.o.o., and the customer is the visitor of these pages who fills in an  electronic order, sends it to vendor and pays by credit card or by COD: Cash on Delivery.


In the middle of our shop's home, there is a list of book selected especially for you. For a more detailed search, we offer you the possibility of  using a search-key, as well as the option of search without using the search-key i. e. the search of particular thematic field (left menu).

The search by search-key  enables searching  by entering one of the following options:

  • by all
  • by title
  • by author
  • by ISBN
  • by publisher
  • by year of publishing

Searching without using the search-key takes place by choosing the thematic field which, depending on complexity of thematics, gives an option of subfields.


Browsing of our Web page is enabled for all our visitors, but shopping is available to registered customers only, upon signing in into our Web page. To register, customers only need to create a user account and fill in the general data.

The  registration is possible before or during the process of ordering. The registration is needed only once, which means that for every further purchase customers only need to sign in with their e-mail / password selected during registration.


The process of ordering begins with a click on the icon or text "Basket" that is placed right next to the book that you have chosen. The number of books that you can put into the basket is unlimited. The sum for payment in HRK (Croatian Kuna) will change according to the number of selected items.

Before you decide to purchase, at any moment you can check and change the contents of your basket by clicking on the "Basket" icon that is placed at the upper right angle of the page. When you decide to purchase, it is enough to click on BUY, and after that, follow the simple process of ordering. At the moment when your order is received, you will be informed  by e-mail about the receipt of your order. If the item ordered is temporarily out of stock, we shall inform you about the time limit in which the product can be acquired.


The payment of ordered items can be done in following ways:

By credit cards: This form of payment is liable to all standard procedures of protection prescribed by the law, in which Dominović d.o.o. guarantees the safety of data used in the process of purchase.  The process of data authorization goes along with the frame of T-Com Pay Way system, protected with the SSL security protocol with the 128-bit encryption of data. Payment is carried out at the moment the order is ready for delivery, and the customer is informed by e-mail about every step in the process.

By bank transfer: Payment by bank transfer is recommended for bussinesses  that need an R1 bill. By choosing this form of payment, upon ordering the item selected, the customer will receive a preliminary calculation (by fax or e-mail). Dominović d.o.o. will, after payment registration, send the customer the parcel / shipment and the R1 bill. Payment by bank transfer is also available to private persons to whom, after the order is received, an e-mail with offer for payment is sent (e-banking, payment in the bank, post-office  etc.)

Cash on delivery: This form of payment means that the ordered items are payed for in cash upon the delivery of items (for area of the Republic of Croatia)

Delivery and Expenses

The ordered items are packed so that during the usual manipulation they would not be damaged. During the delivery of the item, the customer is obliged to check up on the state of the parcel, and in the case of damage, immediately claims back the product to the  deliverer (the employees of the company that carried out the delivery). The vendor declines any responsibility in connection with damages that can arise during delivering.

If the customer does not get items or the notice about the delivery after the item has been send, the customer has a right to inform the vendor about that, so that the item could be found or the back-up item could be sent to the customer. 

If the customer refuses to accept the item he ordered, the vendor has the right to ask the customer for compensation of all expenses connected with the delivery.

The vendor is obligated to send the parcel to the customer at the moment when he  receives the written receipt that authorizes online transaction. After he gets this receipt, the vendor is obligated to sent the parcel  in the time term of 5 (five) working days.

After the delivery service takes the parcel over from the vendor, the vendor is not responsible for the further course of item delivery or possible delays, as well as any other problem that may occur with the further manipulation and delivery of items.


Delivery by delivery service (only available in Croatia)

Order amount                         Expenses of shipping
Up to 299,99 kn                      25,00 kn
From 300,00 kn                      Free delivery

The price for delivery by postal service abroad

Order amount                           Expenses of shipping
Up to 199,99 kn                       129,00 kn
For every next 200,00 kn       20,00 kn


For all possible complaints contact us at:

Tel. +385 1 6150 315

Fax. +385 1 6130 111
E-mail: knjizara@dominovic.hr

or in written form at:

Hrvatske bratske zajednice 4
10001 Zagreb, P. P. 555