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About us

About us

The Dominović University and Antiquarian Bookstore was opened in the year 2000 and runs its business in the frame of the Dominović Publishing House d.o.o. We are located in Zagreb at the address Hrvatske bratske zajednice 4 (the NSK building).

Concerning our cooperation with a number of publishers from Croatia as well as from abroad, we are proud of a great selection of books of various fields which can be found in our modern and pleasant premises. We are especially proud of our own editions that we publish continuously, along with a number of dictionaries, handbooks and nautical publications.

In our own business activities we are guided by the concept of giving high-quality service and the agenda of raising Croatian booktrade standards. We decided to give all interested clients the opportunity of buying books of their own choice in simple and affordable way in our online bookshop.

The love for books brings us together!


Hrvatske bratske zajednice 4 (building - National and University Library)
10001 Zagreb, P.P.555

VATIN: 39753545974
MB: 3640574
Tel: +385 1 6150 315
Fax: +385 1 6130 111
GSM: +385 98 244 871
E-mail: knjizara@dominovic.hr
Web: www.knjizara-dominovic.hr