These Privacy Rules ("the Rules") explain how DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o., Trnjanska cesta 54A, 10 000 Zagreb, PIN: 39753545974, collects, uses and manages your personal data found on the website and which is available to DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. by using the website

DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Read these rules carefully to understand why and how we collect your personal information and how it will be used. Regarding the personal data we collect, DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. is the "data controller", ie the one who determines the needs for which and the means by which personal data are processed.

DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o., as the provider of services of the website, is committed to protection of privacy and personal data.

If you wish to contact us regarding these Rules or regarding your personal data, please use the following contact details: 


Trnjanska cesta 54A

10 000 ZAGREB

PIN: 39753545974

You can reach the data protection officer at: [email protected]


When and how we collect your personal data? 

DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. collects personal data for marketing purposes, for the purpose of improving our business and your user experience. For these reasons, DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. has a comprehensive privacy program designed to respect and protect data privacy rights, analysis and project implementation, marketing, and other types of technical support.

We treat your personal data as confidential data, and they are properly protected by DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. and/or our trusted partners.


What data do we collect directly from you?

When a user engages in certain activities on the website such as searching the services provided by DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o., and/or when a user wishes to send us an inquiry, DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. may ask the user to provide certain additional personal information. In this case, before providing personal data, the user is obliged to study these Privacy Rules and agree to their application in relation to the additional data.

Depending on the types of activities, some of the requested data are defined as mandatory and some as optional. If the user does not want to provide mandatory information for the activity that requires them, he will not be allowed to participate in that activity.

DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. collects and uses personal data in order to enable users to use the services through the website, to improve the operation of the website, to create a database of users for the purpose of improving our service and/or for marketing and improving advertising and promotional activities. In addition, personal data can be used to solve problems, carry out administrative tasks and establish contact with users.

On the website, DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. collects personal data of users such as: name, surname, e-mail address or other contact details, preferences regarding language settings, and the IP address.

In addition to the listed personal data that we process when a person visits the website, below we detail other types of personal data, the purposes of their collection and use thereof, which we collect and process during the execution of our regular obligations related to the registered activities of DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o .:

o    DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. collects and processes the personal data of its employees and other associates for the purpose of executing employment contracts signed with the employees and the consultancy contracts and/or service contracts that are signed with associates, which relate to personnel, administrative or other business/contractual operating purposes. In the latter case, we collect and process the data such as: name, surname, gender; marital status, nationality, residence, date and place of birth, personal identification number; profession, occupation, data on professional courses and training, health insurance data, work experience; details of the account number (IBAN), a photo and the signature.

o   From suppliers and other clients, we collect and process, for the purpose of fulfilling  contractual obligations, data such as: name and surname of the responsible person in the legal entity; contact details of the person in charge of communication and execution of contractual obligations; academic and professional qualifications of the responsible persons in the legal entity and the signature of the responsible person.

o    The data which DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. collects and processes from job candidates, for the purpose of possible employment, may include: name, surname, address, contact details (email address, telephone number, mobile number), a photo, the level of education, nationality, profession and occupation, data about previous work experience,  data about professional courses and training, and the results of tests that may reflect the ability of the candidate to execute the work obligations of the specific position for which he/she has applied.

In the execution of their scope of work, the following persons may view personal data: legal entities that participate in the execution of legal relations with users such as IT support and other companies related to DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o., public bodies requiring the submission of personal data in accordance with regulations binding DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o., and for which DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. keeps the prescribed records of processing activities.

What privacy rights do you have? 

DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. respects that each user should be able to ensure that his personal data are accurate, complete and up-to-date. If the user considers that his personal data is incomplete, inaccurate or not updated, he can contact DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]

Note that you are at any time entitled to request the following from DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o.: 






to enable you to access your personal data




You may ask DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. which of your personal data it uses, and you may also request access to that personal data. You have the right to know the purpose for which the data is held, which categories of your personal data we keep, the authorities or the categories of authorities with which we share your personal data, the period of data retention, as well as the source of the data in case of indirect data collection.

You can contact us if you want a copy of some or all of the personal data we hold about you.




request the correction of incorrect data


We want your personal information to be correct and updated. You can ask us to correct or delete the information you believe to be incorrect or out of date. 



request deletion of personal data 


You may ask DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. to stop processing or even to delete your personal data. If we need your personal data in order to carry out a contractual obligation towards you, DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. could cease to be able to carry out such contractual obligations. Also, if your personal data are necessary to carry out certain legal obligations (e.g. tax obligations), your request may not be able to be fulfilled.



limiting access to your data (to us and/or third parties) in specific processes or completely


If you wish to contest the accuracy of the data, or if we no longer need the personal data for the purpose of processing, but you need them to establish, execute or process legal claims or if you have objected to processing on grounds we deem legitimate, you have the right to request limiting of personal data processing.


to submit a complaint about the way we use your data 


Remember that you have the right to object to the processing of personal data, based on a legal basis considered legitimate by DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. 



request the transfer of data to another data processor (transferability of  rights)


If processing depends on your consent or is carried out automatically, you are entitled to request that DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. transfer the data to another data processor. 


To exercise any of the above rights, please use the contact information provided at the beginning of the Privacy Policy.

If you are not satisfied with how we have collected or used your personal data, you can file a. 

Where are your personal data stored?

We keep the personal information we collect about you in a secure environment. Your personal information is protected from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, alteration or destruction by any organization or individual.

The processed data is stored in our premises and in our IT systems, but sometimes we store the data on the servers of our trusted service providers.

DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. will ensure that personal data is kept in a secure place (which includes reasonable administrative, technical and physical protection to prevent unauthorized use, access, disclosure, copying or alteration of personal data), which can only be accessed by authorized persons.

The data collected for the purposes specified in these Rules shall be stored only for as long as is necessary to fulfil the stated purposes. Your personal data will not be stored in a form that allows you to be identified longer than DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. reasonably considers necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected or processed. DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. will keep certain personal data for a period of time prescribed by law i.e. the regulation binding on DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. on data retention.

In the event that you have given us consent, we will process your personal data until the consent is withdrawn. If you make a well-founded objection to the processing of personal data based on a legitimate interest, we will not process your personal data in the future.

In addition to the above, it is important to point out the following; if judicial, administrative or extrajudicial proceedings have been instituted, personal data may be stored until the end of such proceedings, including a possible period for applying legal remedies. DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. will keep certain personal data for the period of time as prescribed by the law or regulation that obliges the controller to keep the data.

Does DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. exchange data with third parties? 

Protection of privacy is important to us, so we will never share your personal data with third parties except for the purposes described in these Rules.

DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. cooperates with other companies. This means that we sometimes share your personal information, using secure IT systems. When we do so, the data is transferred to servers located in the EU or in a country that provides an adequate level of protection in accordance with EU legislation.

As data processing controller, DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. may transfer personal data outside the EU if necessary for the execution of a contract between DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. and the data processor and/or other data controller or in order to fulfil legal obligations. In the latter case DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. transfers personal data only to countries that provide an appropriate level of protection, specifically through contract models containing binding provisions or through binding corporate rules; or in accordance with an approved certification mechanism and/or privacy framework for the transfer of personal data from the European Union and Switzerland to the United States.

In addition, we may provide your personal data to our trusted partners who maintain our IT system or provide services on behalf of DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o., for example, for marketing, finance, advertising and other services within and external to DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. Those service providers are obliged, under the relevant service contracts, to use the information entrusted to them only in accordance with our guidelines and exclusively for the purpose we have strictly specified. We also oblige them to adequately protect your data and to consider them a business secret.

How long will DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. retain your personal data? 

DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. will not retain your personal data longer than the period for which the data are necessary for fulfilling the purpose for which they are used. 

For what purpose will we use your data?

We may use your personal data in several different ways, mostly to perform our contractual and other obligations towards you, but sometimes also to improve your experience of using the website, for direct marketing and for safety reasons. 


In order to maintain the website and ensure that its functionalities are at the expected level, DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. uses a technology known as "cookies".

Cookies are small files that we send to your computer and can be accessed later. They can be temporary or permanent. Thanks to cookies, you can easily search our pages and display results that are relevant to you. Cookies show us what interests you and other visitors to our website, which helps us improve it.

Read more on cookies in Rules on using cookies.

Other websites

These Privacy Rules apply only to the use and utilization of data provided by DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. collects from users (respondents). Other websites that can be accessed through the website, have their own statements of confidentiality and data collection and ways of using and publishing them.

DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. is not responsible for the ways and terms of operation of third parties.

DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. collects and processes personal data through user interactions on social networks such as Facebook. DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. i.e., the responsible persons appointed by DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. have access to messages and/or posts on the mentioned social networks, however personal data collected through them, especially those contained in messages, DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. does not store or further process except for the purposes specified in these Rules.

DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. uses a business profile when using Facebook services, and you can view their Privacy Policy or Privacy Statements as well as the way they use your personal information at:






In case you have any questions regarding data collection and processing by Facebook, or wish to realize any of your rights guaranteed by the General Data Protection Regulation, contact: 

FACEBOOK IRELAND Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland


Contact details of the data protection officer:


If you are not satisfied with the way your personal data are collected and processed, you can contact the leading supervisory body of Facebook, the Irish Data Protection Commissioner or the Personal Data Protection Agency of the Republic of Croatia. 


Entry into force and changes to Privacy Rules 

These Rules enter into force upon publication on the Website.

DOMINOVIĆ d.o.o. reserves the right to amend the Privacy Rules and any changes will be published on the website.